The Philosophy Of Wilderness

At this crucial juncture in environmental degradation, where it is claimed that threats to our physical environment have reached the highest echelons in the times of our generation; it is important to understand the place of humans vis-a-vis nature.  The فلسفة of wilderness and its relationship with natural world has answered the questions posed by contemporary problems. What actually is the meaning of wilderness? Wildness is often talked about as something which depends on perception of one person or the other.  The roots of the word wilderness reveal that wilderness is a place unique to wild animals.  The central root in this word is wild and is found as wilde in old English and surviving examples defined it as adjective for wild animals and plants that were not domesticated.51PsCFBZDXL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_

The word wilderness has been in the Wilderness Act of 1964 as: “in contrast with those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape … as an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammelled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain.”  The concept of wilderness has played an intriguing and important role in culture of America and in the development of American environmentalism. The major objective of colonisation, as broached by the vanity of imperialists was the conquering of wilderness.  Even after spending ample time in the wilderness, man did not conquer wilderness but was rather conquered by it.55327_girl-writing_lg-1

After a long time the sense of wilderness was embroiled into near extinction because it was increasingly being thought that: wilderness was a man made creation.  Thoreau’s statement: “In wilderness is the preservation of the world” is popular with everybody including amateurs. Most of us have an inclination towards living in a natural ambience. We often go hiking and strolling in a natural environment rather than spending time with our smart phones walking inside our own house. So all these assumptions bottle down to a very disclosive question i.e. when did our inclination for wilderness become suitable. It was not always something that was desirable. Leafing through the pages of classical literature will show us that wilderness was something to be afraid of – it was believed to be place inhabited by dark spirits that was entered by people against their will with much fright and apprehension. The crude wilderness had nothing to provide civilised man. The only value this wilderness had laid in its exploitation for human use viz. a city or a town. Every milestone in road of civilisation was a fight against the setback of wilderness by mankind. Clark and Lewis were sent to discover how the land of wilderness could be exploited; they did not come explore the scenic beauty of parks and good places.

Earlier all organised and good were believed to a thesis and therefore wilderness was considered to be its antithesis which was the place dwelled by beasts and satans.  So why did Thoreau ply that wilderness is the preservation of the world in 1862? Since wilderness was thought to be a repugnant place for a long time, it was very difficult to convince people to protect this dreadful wasteland . Frederick Jackson Turner in his famous book “The Frontier in American  History” that wildness was an essential part of American culture which changed the nature of wilderness. In 1932 MacKaye( in his article) claimed  that sunshine and breathing  fresh air are good for people to the and therefore that frontier recreation  would be healthy  for the people.

John Muir  belonging to  Sierra Nevadas in 1869 said that “No description of Heaven that I have ever heard or read of seems half so fine.”  Therefore to protect the nature around us it is important to cogitate about the picture of nature inside our head. John Muir wrote that many civilised people are finding going to the mountains to evoke the same feeling as of going to home. He said that “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountain is going home; that wildness is necessity; that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but as fountains of life.” The nature is not only useful for providing resources for commercial exploitation but also providing something important for enjoying life.

A crucial question that is important for environmentalism that needs to be answered is that what does a man think about his relationship with nature?

People have started paying heed to the fact that outdoors affected physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health of human beings. This natural philosophy was also found in the Nacktkultur movement of Europe. It underlined the importance of a wholesome vegetarian diet, daily exercises and  austere outdoor lifestyle and naked living. However environmentalists and people have failed to preserve the wilderness. It is believed that they can never achieve this because wilderness is not a tangible, real thing. It is an event born out of perception. In reality what people are doing is preservation of natural world but they fail to do so because they often duck to answer right array of questions. Then what is the need to preserve the wilderness? The natural world and its trail in the form of wilderness are significant to be preserved because it is not only related to the safety of one person but to the whole mankind. Though preservation of wilderness cannot solve all the problems of environment like climate change but it may aid in resolving many problems including climatic change.

The philosophy of wilderness integrates it with the science of ecology. It led to the growth of arguments for the protection of wilderness and constructed a moral nexus between human relations to non-human natural environment which was called as land ethic. As wilderness wasteland is an  interdependent system of plants, animals, soils and natural processes, its preservation will mean the protection of biotic community. Wilderness is also an important shelter  for protecting wildlife, especially the large predators that have extinguished in other places.  Preservation of wilderness had led to safeguarding the road less areas, and this strategy has the potential of protecting the biodiversity.

Comforts of Luxury Living

Luxury living used to only mean living in mansions located in exclusive villages with members only country clubs. These days, however, luxury living is not only limited to that but has come to include the rise of condominium buildings. One prime example of such is the world class luxury residential condominium called Marina One Residences. A resident can experience luxury living and be conveniently located at the heart of the hustle and bustle of the city. Marina One Residences floor plan offers several unit options for buyers to choose from. All units are, of course, designed for the comfort of its future resident. The whole building in itself is designed to provide the comfort a resident would need away from the city without having to really leave it all. It is equipped with a luxurious lap swimming pool, gymnasium, fitness stations, wellness garden and a playground. This would mean that the residents would not need to take a long drive to unwind as they can all do that in their vicinity.13-luxury-family-accommodation-corfu-1551 Being Connected To It All

Ever dreamed of what it was like to be connected to it all? Well, Marina One Residences actually offers this to its residents. It’s located at a prime area at the center of Marina Bay’s Central Business District. Transportation is not an issue as it is connected to the rest of the district via an MRT network and expressways.


Not only that, the building also has designated areas meant for retail units and office units which are linked to the residential units. This would mean that the residents are conveniently at the heart of it all. They no longer have to figure in the travel time nor the transportation details. Residents can do all that they want whenever they want.  They can fully enjoy a world class luxury lifestyle.

Kayla Itsines Reviews

Who’s Kayla Itsines?

Kayla is a personal trainer aged 24 years from Adelaide, Australia. Kayla’s journey began in 2008 when she joined a personal training course at the Australian Institute of fitness. After completing the course she joined a “women’s only” job at a training center in Adelaide. She soon realized that the methods she was asked to employ on her clients yielded unsatisfactory results. Her clients, especially new ones, complained of wanting toned arms and a flat stomach.2E96C5D100000578-3333003-image-m-10_1448427954886

This kept repeating and Kayla finally decided to do something about it. Kayla started doing her own research and developed a set of exercises that helped one achieve the bikini body that one desired. The manager was mostly away, and the facility was left with her in-charge where she decided to run things her own way. Results began to show and people started getting a bikini body in twelve weeks, some even less.

She then went on to start her own company, where she realized the dreams of many young women who wanted that flawless bikini body. This encouraged her even more – more so that she started making a presence on social media to reach out to more women. She achieved success as her methods actually brought about results and the women who bought her books were extremely content. Kayla is a happy woman and wants to continue to help more women; she wants to inspire others to be the best they can be.309BFDA200000578-3418219-image-a-1_1453850340848

Kayla Itsines Bikini Body program review:

Kayla has written a couple of books for workouts and diet regimes which one can buy separately. However, it makes sense to buy the Bikini Body Bundle (referred to as BBG by Kayla) where you can get both the workout programs and “Healthy eating and Lifestyle Plan”, nutrition guide for a cheaper price. The essence of Kayla’s fitness program is the healthy combination of a balanced diet and specific workouts and not just either of them.

The workouts:

The workouts in Kayla’s fitness program are quite simple and require only thirty minutes of your time six days a week. Since most of you are quite busy, people can commit easily and realize their goal within the stipulated time. Kayla’s workouts are of two types: high-intensity workouts and low-intensity steady workouts. These workouts need to be performed alternately, that is, first three days are high-intensity workouts and the next three, low-intensity interval training. You are given a day off for the body to rest and recover. The high-intensity workouts have a wide range of exercises like pushups, crunches, squats etc. Whereas people have freedom in choosing their low-intensity workout – it could be biking, walking, doing yoga etc.

The workouts require additional equipment like Barbells or dumbbells; jump ropes and bench. A low-lying table or chair can be substituted for the bench, but jump ropes and dumbbells are necessary unless you want to work out at a gym.

The first four weeks prepare your body and increase your resistance to perform more advanced exercises in the subsequent weeks. The instructions are clear-cut; written in a concise and easy-to-follow manner. The program is planned with great thought and detail so that your body is ready to lose that flab at an even and a healthy pace.

Kayla Itsines Diet plan:

Kayla Itsines’s H.E.L.P nutrition guide includes a complete 14-meal plan. The workouts and eating go hand-in-hand so it’s of utmost importance that eating habits are not taken lightly. The book helps us change the way we eat without missing out on the taste. The book contains recipes for a variety of healthy meals and substitution ideas that increase your metabolism and help you shed those kilos faster!

There’s a regular book and a separate book for vegetarians so that people’s choice of food does not limit them to realize their dream of getting a bikini body. The meal-plan of each day strictly limits you to 1600 calories per day which might leave you hungry initially, but your body will get used to it in some time.

The Kayla Itsines Reviews in the aforementioned paragraphs talks about the program which includes a workouts scheme and a diet plan. The program is accepted worldwide and is vouched, safe by the thousands of ladies who have benefitted from it. However, there is the issue of the price. Some say the program along with the nutrition book and all is a bit pricey and the overall cost can be reduced. The need for additional equipment also puts off some people as they are looking for a workout to be done at home, and it is not practical to make room for the equipment.

Kayla’s bikini body weight loss program has received mostly positive reviews and many people are satisfied with the results. To buy her books, one can log onto Kayla’s official website or check her out on Instagram or Facebook for more information. Good luck on your journey to get that hot bod!

Pestemal-Towel Made Of Absorptive Material

A pestemal is a towel made of absorptive material. It is also spelled as ‘peshtamal’ or ‘peshtemal’. It can also be referred to as a fouta or hammam towel. These towels have been inspired from creations used in Turkish spas. These towels are large, flat and cottony soft. They very well serve the purpose; the towels are super durable and stylish at the same time.

The pestemal has many other uses apart from just being used in bathrooms. Due to its flat-woven stitching, pestemals weigh almost nothing and can be easily carried around. If you are planning a getaway to an exotic beach then surely you must pack a pestemal. The pestemal can be worn as a sarong or it can be draped over your shoulders to add quirkiness to your outfit. Many celebrities have been spotted sporting a pestemal such as Jennifer Aniston, Robert de Niro etc. Pestemal towels take up very less space and cannot be called “extra baggage” while traveling. These are huge and they can be used to cover up tables and furniture when needed.


Pestemals towels are made from the best Turkish cotton there is, and its absorptive and quick drying properties in addition to its ability to maintain its shape and feel after several times of washing it – it clearly shows its usefulness. Pestemals are available in a variety of colors and you can pair them with different outfits get that chic look.

How are pestemals made?

Pestemals are known to have its origins in the very rich Turkish culture. In olden times, the pestemal was produced completely by hand labor. The women from turkey’s eastern Black Sea region were responsible for weaving the towels on hand looms. With the advent of technology, the pestemal is now produced using advanced machinery and is being shipped across the world. Pestemal is made up of hundred percent pure cotton and some of the materials used are cotton, linen, and bamboo. Pestemals have interesting patterns and stripes of different colors that give it an aesthetic appeal.

Here are three different ways in which you wear a pestemal:

Pestemal is handy to carry around in hot summer. When you are heading to the beach, the pestemal can be more than just a towel!

  1. The Pestemal skirt:

Hold the two ends of the sarong and drape it around your waist just over the hip. You can adjust the length of the shirt by folding the sarong.

  1. The pestemal halter dress:

Hold the edges of the sarong and wrap the towel under your arm pits. Drape the towel around your body and bring its two corners in the front. Take the two corners and cross it around your neck, then tie a knot.


  1. Strapless pestemal dress:

Take the two corners of the sarong and wrap it around your back. Now bring the corners in the front, tying a knot over your chest.

Pestemal is the latest fashion trend to hit the world due to its stylish looks and its popularity also stem from its usefulness. Pestemals can be bought from shopping malls and many sellers even sell them online. Don’t forget to carry a pestemal the next time you go to the beach!

How To Use The Free Fake Call App

There are a whole lot of apps you can now download into your smartphone. It’s pretty amazing as to how many apps you are able to see in your App or Google Play Store. You’ll find everything you need in no time! Not only do apps help with increasing your productivity, but you are also able to find entertainment through their fun games! You can stream movies, play games, and even prank others through Free Fake Call apps that will sure bring laughter to you and your loved ones! But what exactly is the Free Fake Call App and what does it do?

What is Free Fake Call?

You’re probably wondering, why bother with a Free Fake Call in the first place? This app is purely for entertainment, used for creating laughter and pranking others by simulating calls! Whether you want to fake a call by someone famous to prank a friend, or if you want to get out of certain situations by creating an “emergency” call, this app is especially for you! What’s great is that it’s all free of charge and available in any mobile device.


Features of Free Fake Call

The Free Fake Call app has a ton of features, such as:

  1. You are able to schedule fake calls at anytime, so if you are expecting a date to go bad and want out, you can schedule for it to go on within a few minutes just to get out of it.
  2. It looks like a real call with you being able to have a screensaver of the person calling. All you need to do is put on good acting skills to make it look like you’re actually talking to someone!
  3. You are able to customize who will be calling you. So whether it’s someone real to get out of something, or a celebrity to prank a friend, it’s entirely up to you!
  4. You can have a voice recorded so it will seem even more real! Not only that, but you can also fake text yourself as well.
  5. You can use both call or SMS features.

How to Use Free Fake Call

Once you have it installed on your smartphone, here’s how to use the app:


  1. Open it up and choose if you want to simulate a text message or a call.
  2. Set the name and other information, such as photos and phone number.
  3. Record your voice or create a fake SMS text.
  4. Choose the time when you want the SMS or call to arrive.
  5. Wait for it to come and start fooling your friends or get out of that awkward situation!

In Conclusion

Using the Free Fake Call app is very simple and easy to use. Now, you won’t need to think up of any lie to get out of a situation, because you can now just act your way out of it through phone calls or text messages. What are you waiting for? Prank your friends with a free fake call and have a laugh!

Craze for the Movie Suicide Squad Keeps Rising Online


Watching movies is the most popular and most preferred pastime in today’s world. Movie buffs or “cinephiles” are not just mere terms but sincere personality traits these days. With the rise of millions of multiplexes, introduction of 3D shows, growth of multimedia industry and mostly, the reign of androids and the usage of bazillions of applications and software through them along with the computers; make the watching, downloading and enjoying of movies much smoother everyday! Not to mention YouTube, Netflix and the ultimate web movie download zone, Torrent; that takes multimedia entertainment to the next level.6nxdwqi

Suicide Squad:-

Every kind of movie is marketed and popularized well. But what go viral these days are mostly the superhero flicks! Like Marvel’s creations or the other such ones. Deadpoool, Captain America, Dawn of Justice etcetera, simply ruled the screens. Now one more addition to the badass action, thriller or fantasy genre is Suicide Squad.

Facts about the flick:-

The movie Suicide squad falls into the category of the superhero actions. It is created basing on John Ostrander’s ‘Suicide Squad’, the anti-hero team of super-villains from DC comics creations. The upcoming flick is presented and brought out by the Warner Bro. Pictures and it is slated for a release in the first week of August, 2016 in 2D and 3D as well. The film has been both written and directed by David Ayer and it has a runtime of 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Cast and characters:-

Suicide Squad presents the audience with a wonderful star cast. It includes Viola Davis, playing Amanda Waller, a relentless, ambitious government official who recruits the supervillains with a promise of clemency to form the squad and gives out the orders. The squad members include Will Smith essaying the role of Deadshot, a skilled marksman and a conflicted assassin; Margot Robbie portraying the infamous Harley Quinn, once a psychiatrist who has become a crazy and scary super villain; Jared Leto playing his signature character of the Joker, a psychopath and disastrous super villain and the other names include Jai Cortney, Jay Hernandez and so on. Cara Delvigne plays June Moone or the Enchantress, the first target of the squad.suicide-squad-trailer-team_0_0

Last details:-

The fascinating and engaging plot and the ensemble of the wonderful cast make the movie a must watch! Despite of its scheduled release on 5th August, 2016; thanks to the multiple websites on the web, the movie is being shown as available for watching online. That’s a bit of a dilemma, since some require one to register and some sites simply view the trailer. All the controversies of suicide squad online, apart; the movie is going to be a grand one on its release and with its promising thrill and intrigue, it will definitely manage to send a shiver down the spine of the fans and will receive an amazing response from all its viewers.

Forest Wood Condo Singapore

Forest Woods Condominium is the latest development in the Serangoon area of Singapore developed by City Developments (CDL), Hong Leong Holdings and TID Pte Ltd. They have many other properties and developments under their belt.Forest Wood Condo is a joint venture situated near Singapore Central. It lies between Lorong Lew Lian and Upper Serangoon Road. Serangoon is one of the best locations in Singapore for residential purpose. Settled by Indian trades, this area is known for its gardens. It is approximately at 3 minutes walking distance from Nex Mall and Serangoon MRT Station. This building is expected to be completed by year 2020.In-The-Woods-Forest-Wallpaper

Occupying about 150,711 square feet of area, Forest Woods will be about 12 to 13 stories high. It is 99 year leasehold, comprising about 500 units providing home to families of all sizes.The condominium units of high level will give fascinating views of landed enclaves of low level. Residents of this locality will have access to gyms, tennis court, meeting rooms, parklands, swimming pool and many more. Forest Woods Condo is very near to the market providing easy access to grocery stores, shopping malls, banks, restaurants, supermarkets and other shops. Being located in a prime location it also provides easy access to public transport. It also provides good parking facilities to its residents making it easy for the car owners as it is located near to highway. Providing function rooms, residents of this locality can conduct their small and private functions indoor.

Factors that set Forest Woods at par from others-

    1. It is located at a very good place, i.e. at 3 minutes of walking distance from Serangoon MRT Interchange.
    2. It’s just 4 minutes of walking that leads you to the Nex Mega shopping mall, which happens to be the biggest shopping center in the North Eastern region of Singapore.
    3. It is more affordable compared to other apartment homes providing the same facilities.
    4. Due to its prime location it provides easy access to CTE and KPE, major expressways.
    5. It supports all the necessary facilities like gym, tennis court, parks, etc.
    6. Forestwood Residences is in development under leading developer City Development Limited (CDL).
    7. It will have modern design and will use all modern facilities.
    8. You will have access to good restaurants and plenty of food eateries.
    9. It also has good and highly reputed schools like Maris Stella High School, St. Gabriel Secondary school and Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Primary and Secondary School in its vicinity.
    10. It is a place for you if you want to live at a place which is amongst the busiest countries of the world.
    11. It has an access to recreational facilities. Serangoon Stadium Nd Serangoon swimming complex are in close proximity.

If you want to live in a place that is equivalent to your dream world than all you have to do is book yourself a place before it’s all gone. Register yourself before it’s sold out as there is limited availability. Do not miss a chance. Stand out.

Pokemon Go – pokemon go tips

What’s Pokemon?

The Pokemon Company is a massively huge media franchise originating from Japan. Pokemon is actually short for “pocket monsters” and is set in a fictional world – world which is inhabited by these creatures. The humans of this world coexist alongside these Pokemon in harmony. Due to its immense popularity, an anime series was later developed and was a huge success too. The show starts with a twelve-year-old boy named Ash embarking on an adventure to collect as many Pokemon he can, and become the one true Pokemon champion. The show has great morals teaching us about the importance of friendship, hard work, perseverance and the bond Ash shares with his Pokemon.03242016-169

History of Pokemon:

The Pokemon franchise is jointly owned by three companies namely The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Gamefreak and Creatures. It was the inception of Satoshi Tajiri and the first Pokemon was released in 1995. The franchise now consists of video games, trading card games, animated television series, manga series, comic books, and toys. The Pokemon franchise is immensely popular and is second to only Nintendo’s Mario franchise. The Pokemon USA Inc. is a separate subsidiary of the Japan’s Pokemon co. and it takes care of all the licensing matters outside Asia. As of now, the media franchise has amassed a mighty 42.6 Billion USD in revenues. The company celebrated its twentieth anniversary this year and has announced the launch of new games titled Pokemon Sun and Moon for the 3DS and also Pokemon GO, and augmented reality game for the Smartphone to be released later this year.


The concept behind the game was largely inspired by Tajiri’s insect-collecting hobby in his childhood. A pair of games titled “Red” and “Yellow” were first released for the GameBoy color and were an instant success. After that, several games were released in succession for different platforms, establishing a series. In the game, players assumed a role of a trainer and they had two motives. To collect all the Pokemon and fill their “Pokedex” – a device which provides information about the Pokemon, and to build a strong team of Pokemon to battle other “trainers” to finally beat the Pokemon league and be crowned the Pokemon master. All of the games including trading card games follow similar themes.

GamePlay characteristics:

The gameplay is pretty simple, each player assumes control of a character and has to navigate the Pokemon region in his quest to collect Pokemon and beat the Pokemon league. The “trainer” can catch Pokemon in the wild using a tool called the “poke ball”. By battling wild Pokemon and other trainers, players can train their Pokemon and make them strong. Some Pokemon undergo a transformation of sorts and become stronger; it is called an “evolution”. The motive of each game is to beat the eight exceptionally strong gym leaders, collecting gym badges in the process, and then later challenging the Pokemon league. The game follows a consistent story and sometimes, the player has to digress on a side quest to finish the game.

Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality game developed for android and iOS platforms. This game uses GPS tracking and our phone’s clock to show Pokemon around us in real time. People who were fans of the franchise from the start and beginners cannot get enough of the game because nothing can beat the thrill of actually chasing Pokemon out in the open. This is as real as it gets!how to be the best pokemon go trainer

Pokemon go tips:

Here are some Pokemon go tips that will help you progress in the game much faster.

  1. Each footprint represents 100m of distance.
  2. The easiest pokemon to evolve are weedle, ratatta and pidgey as each require only twelve candies.
  3. You can get Pikachu as your starter Pokemon; check it out on the web on how to get one.
  4. Eevee evolution is random and unpredictable.
  5. You can train at the local gym with your own pokemon to earn more XP and Gym prestige.

There are tons of tips online, be sure to check them out before you step into the world of Pokemon!

White Pages on a roll

Gone are those Flinstonian days when you had to leaf through the pages of a phone directory to search somebody’s contact number. The numbers of  the directory were a timeless entry and there was no way to amend the information. The bounty of providing the information on the directory also meant a compromise with one’s privacy. The concept of online directory sprang out with Alex Algard’s annoyance as he was unable to find a friend’s phone number in 1996. He then cogitated about the idea of online email directory that will simplify the process of searching people’s contact number. Alex got for the little savings he had and kept on calibrating the website as a hobby while he cut his teeth at Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. He finally incorporated white pages in 2000 after he left his job in 1998 to work on his website. WhitePages is like an online directory service based in Seattle and has clawed more than 80 percent of the population of USA. It makes available contact information and related services that have been access via ten mobile apps, websites in partnership that use data of WhitePages like MSN and seven web properties. The large database of white pages is heaped by mobile companies employing its services, business licenses and public records. The last statistics listed more than 180 million people on this directory. It runs on three important tracks of business: the primary business of online directory, domains and selling information of its database to other businesses. It is visited by some 50 million distinct visitors every month and does two million searches per month.whitepages-logo-reverse It revealed a big, articulated feature to refine its business search in the name of “store finder” in 2010 in order to simplify the search results when dug about nearby stores and businesses. The company has made an effort to up the ante by providing 15 million business and one million stores listings of USA on its database. It has added social features for doling out business listings via email or text and automatically saves them to Outlook. The caller ID operations and the App of White Pages is prolonged and survived by a new business called Hiya. It is a free app and which helps users scrutinise the person behind the numbers making calls to them and thus it is competing the likes of TrueCaller. It has some 25 million users by the dent of the deals with T-mobile and Samsung. While TrueCaller is calling the shots in the markets these days with respect to reverse phone look-up, it is claimed that Hiya actually was one step ahead of True Caller and incubated this idea much before this European- based startup . Alagard contended that they had first marketed the services of Caller ID for Androids in 2008 and ever since then it had cemented their position as the prominent Caller ID app in the US. One of the best features is the service of detection of phone spams. Lately, their recent deals with mobile mogul Samsung have augmented their reach to world-level.563ce5f1407dc.image

Its’ latest Caller ID app replaced the user interface of Android for making and receiving calls. It shows information of the callers related to weather forecast of the caller’s location, their social media posts and identity of the caller. In the span of a year nearly, 5 billion calls and texts had been sent over the app. The app was released with new features of customising  the layout of the information of the caller and the ability to like the Facebook posts from using  the app. Mr. Number which is an Android app of impeding unwanted calls, was acquired by WhitePages in 2013. WhitePages in its curative efforts to respect the privacy of the customers, added consumer-editing features enable them to amend its database and remove the erroneous information. It allows you to make changes in your entry and control the extent to which information is disclosed on the site. You can update or correct the addresses and your contact number. It also acts as communication proxy as it lets you slip you information and be approached instead via White Pages in the form of emails or texts.

Escape The Escape Room

Do you love adventure games? If yes, then escape room is just the thing for you. An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room. To escape the room players have to solve a series of puzzles. All this is to be done within a given time limit. This game is the physical version of escape the room video game. Escape rooms have been used by corporate organizations as a team building activity.

The game can be set in a variety of locations like prison cells, haunted houses, hospitals and morgue. Escape room video game was created in Silicon Valley by a group of system programmers. The mysteries and challenges in the game were taken from the novels of Agatha Christie. Real Escape game was developed in Japan by the Kyoto publishing company. Beyond Japan escape room games came up in Singapore. Escape rooms that can be used as a team building activity Singapore are Xcape Singapore and Escape Hunt. It is often described as a hit among highly stressed students and overworked young professionals.


By 2015, there were approximately 3000 escape room venues worldwide. Setting up an escape room venue does not require huge investment. The investment required upfront depends on the type of challenges one intends to include in the game. The challenges in an escape room mostly require only trivial objects. For example, one can include a picture puzzle or a three by three Rubik’s cube or a riddle as challenge. The business of escape rooms can be lucrative if one can keep reinventing the escape room. People often get over excited while solving a challenge in the escape room and consequently cause damage to the escape room.

Escape rooms have become so popular that one of the highly rated American TV show, The Big Bang Theory, included it in one of its episodes. Some popular shows based on the concept of escape room are Legends of the Hidden temple and Are You Afraid of the Dark. People in charge of escape rooms must keep the escape room tidy and must try to induce new flavor periodically. Otherwise, most people will get bored. People will not like visiting an escape room containing the same puzzles over and over again. Thus, it is quintessential that the puzzles or games in the escape room change after a certain period.


Generally a team is given a fixed period of time to solve each challenge in the escape room. People who love the thrill of adventure, will enjoy being in an escape room. Most love detective shows and like to read mystery novels. For such populace, escape rooms serve as a means to live their imaginations. The popularity of escape rooms is not at all vexing. It gives a person a much desired adrenaline rush. Solving puzzles, no matter how simple, gives one a sense of accomplishment. Helping the team through a challenge makes one feel good about oneself. All in all, it raises our self esteem and oils our mental machinery.